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Bombay Bongo Artisan Handmade

Artisan White and Rainbow Beaded Fringe Necklace Handmade in USA

Artisan White and Rainbow Beaded Fringe Necklace Handmade in USA

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This 100% handcrafted necklace is fringy and white and colorful!  Lightweight and a joy to wear.

One-of-a-kind and thoroughly unique!


  • Many Czech glass beads in this piece.  The larger seed beads are multicolored and iridescent and the itty bitties are reflective and white with a beautiful aurora borealis sheen
  • Features "beaded beads" hand woven with needle and thread
  • Central white component is very fine gold colored wire knitted over a thin latex tube core
  • Professionally hand finished with a high quality Tierra Cast antique gold-plated magnetic disc clasp, with a hammered treatment
  • Necklace length is about 20 1/2 inches
  • Drop length of the beaded fringe is about 1 inch
  • Piece may not be suitable for wearers with a latex allergy
  • Images were shot in outdoor light in the shade. In some cases, direct sunlight images also shown. Bear in mind that colors may present differently on various monitors and devices

About the Artist

Hello! This is Cindy Hamilton here. I am Bombay Bongo’s shop owner and the artist behind Bombay Bongo’s line of artisan, handmade jewelry.

I started loving beads as a kid. I was fascinated by their shapes, sizes, colors and their feel. Jewelry making has been part of my life on and off for many years. I now intentionally make time to pursue my passion and foster creativity as often as I can.

I hope my pieces communicate to you some of the joy, bliss and fun that I experience in their making!


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